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Arredamenti Torresi proposes modern kitchens adjustable both to small and large spaces creating thus an atmosphere rich in solutions. We can design a kitchen using at best the available space and, thanks to the variety of furniture, build your kitchen exactly the way you are looking for.
With squared or post-formed shutters, in wood, glass, laminate or lacquered materials, our modern kitchens may be built in different products and different colours as well as all various benches, handles and accessories.

Manufacturing companies are growingly careful about the needs of customers and keep the pace with new technologies …full pull-out drawers, kitchen cupboards with reclining shutters, pieces of furniture with pull-out chests to allow an easy and fast use. Modern kitchens are available in a variety of colours and products for almost every available brand, trying to satisfy at best the needs of the customer.

Arredamenti Torresi
Arredamenti Torresi
Arredamenti Torresi
Arredamenti Torresi
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