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Our classic furniture bears witness to our great artistic heritage and gives rooms a personal touch supplying them with unique warmth. The products proposed by manufacturing companies (all with a long artisan tradition behind them), allow us to furnish different rooms of the house in a traditional taste always keeping in mind your functionality needs.

We have a wide choice of solid wood kitchens, with measure-made solutions and the possibility to choose the colour, the module or the wood you like best.
As the kitchen is the most lived-in room of the house, we try to create a functional and inviting atmosphere following your requirements. You may choose your kitchen top in several materials such as marble, tile or travertine and many others.
After years of experience Arredamenti Torresi can assess the best solutions building kitchens which bring you back to the past without forgetting functionality.

Arredamenti Torresi
Arredamenti Torresi
Arredamenti Torresi
Arredamenti Torresi
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